WebMail Login

Email Account Support

This page provides volunteers with support for their PTSA email accounts. These accounts are provided so that all PTSA business can be conducted using a PTSA email address. All links provided on the web site are to PTSA email addresses. If you have any questions or if you are a volunteer and do not have a PTSA email account (or you are not sure if you have an account), contact the Postmaster/IT Admin.

There are two ways to send and receive messages from your PTSA account (and use your PTSA email address). You can work directly from the online WebMail account to read and reply to messages or you can use POP3 forwarding to have the messages downloaded into another mail program (e.g., Outlook). Both methods are summarized below.

Whichever access method you choose to receive your messages, please remember to respond to your messages from your PTSA email address as well, instead of from your personal account.  This is great for PTSA advertising and awareness, reminding everyone that the event or program is being sponsored and run by the PTSA.

Using POP3 Forwarding

If you prefer to handle PTSA emails from a different mail program, use the following to set up POP3 forwarding:

  • Username = mailboxname@southlakesptsa.org
  • Password = the password assigned/updated for this mailbox
  • Incoming Mail Server = mail.southlakesptsa.org
  • Outgoing Mail Server = smtp. southlakesptsa.org
    • Outgoing Server Requires Authentication (typically found in advanced options/settings)
    • Do NOT check “Log on Using Secure Password Authentication”
    • Use the same Username and Password as Incoming or select “Use Same Settings as Incoming”
  • Outgoing Server Port = 2525 or 587
    • This is subject to change based on the individual preferences of your ISP.

When responding to your PTSA messages, be sure to select the PTSA mailbox name as the Sender in your mail program.

If you are using POP3 forwarding, it is recommended that you do not also set up forwarding from the NS WebMail account.

Using the Network Solutions WebMail Account Online

PTSA email service is hosted by Network Solutions. A link to access the Login page is provided in the lower right corner the PTSA website. You can also click here. Enter your assigned mailbox name and password on the login page.




After logging in, the WebMail menu is located on the left side of the page. Use the Configuration option in the menu to customize the account. There are options for setting the email account display name, changing your password, undating display settings, and forwarding mail (see below).


To make sending message easier, import the complete PTSA Address Book. First, save the Address Book fileto your computer. Then, select Address Book from the menu, Import, select Eudora 5.x and click Continue, Browse to the saved file location, and click Import.

You may also want to set up forwarding to alert you when you have PTSA messages waiting. This “Forward My Mail” option is found under Configuration. Enter a valid email address (or multiple addresses), check both forwarding options, and click Save. The intent of this feature is as a reminder only. It should not be used to respond to messages from the forwarded address because then the PTSA email address is not used. If you perfer to respond from another mail program, please consider using POP3 forwarding instead.