Teacher MiniGrants

Mini grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and the PTSA makes an effort to distribute these funds equally between all grade levels.

In respect for teachers’ time and efficiency, the PTSA adopted the following protocols

1. Mini-Grants shall not exceed $350 per request.
2. Staff may make one request per year, unless the PTSA finds itself with an overabundance of funds during the last two school months of the year. This information will be made available to the staff.
3. Staff are not required to attend PTSA meetings to defend mini-Grant requests.
4. Mini-Grant requests will be reviewed by the Principal and the PTSA Executive Committee, and grants will be reported during monthly PTSA meetings.
5. Staff must be a PTSA member.
6. Receipts must be submitted to Treasurer in order to keep this program going.

If you are making a request for software or hardware purchases please work with IT to assure that the program or device has been approved for use by FCPS prior to submitting your grant application.

Download the paper application.

  1. Completed one week before a PTSA meeting (generally the 2nd Wednesday of the month)
  2. Paper applications must be:
    • given to Ms. Retzer for approval and then
    • returned to PTSA President’s mailbox