Next Sunday January 13, South Lakes HS is hosting its first ever FIRST Tech Challenge Tournament, also known as an FTC Qualifier because the top teams qualify to participate in the Virginia State Championship. This competition is the first of its kind for the Dulles Corridor, shining a light on our unique position at the intersection of technology & education. The event will bring together more than 400 aspiring STEM students — our future problem solvers.

For those not familiar with FTC,
For several months, FIRST Tech Challenge middle and high school student teams design, build, and program robots to meet a complex engineering challenge. Then, they compete head-to-head against other teams in a high-tech sporting event, an FTC Qualifier. Teams must develop a playing strategy, which includes forming alliances with other teams. They can earn awards for robot design, creativity, documentation, community outreach, “gracious professionalism” and competition on the field, but the most coveted award is advancement to the Virginia State Tournament. 


Our award winning <C://>Hawks FTC Team 7729 will be the host team.

They are requesting kindly that the rest of the SLHS community participate in the effort.

Please consider volunteering.

We need about 100 adult and students to help us make the event a success. We are especially in need of Judges & Referees.  However, many positions require no technical experience, just a willingness to work with students and volunteers. For example, we need greeters to provide directions and basic information as well as referees and judges. All volunteers are given a t-shirt and food.

Volunteers need to create an account on FIRST’s website and adults need to be screened under their Youth Protection Program. Once an account is created, you’ll be able to apply for the South Lakes event from the FIRST Dashboard. From the Volunteer Page, you will need to click on the box that says Register to Volunteer.

Aimee Minto, is the Volunteer Coordinator and Dan McNamara,  is the FTC Reston Event Coordinator. They are both proud<C://>Hawks parents and will be happy to answer questions.

Volunteer roles descriptions can be found here.

Robot designed and programmed by SLHS students. It participated in the 2018 FTC Virginia State Championship
Robotics Tournament at South Lakes