This year the SLHS PTSA was nominated for the 2019 VA PTA Family Engagement Award in recognition of our efforts in making all families feel welcome as members of the SL community.

Award and Certificate presented to the SLHS PTSA at the District Annual Meting

Research shows “that there is a positive and convincing relationship between family involvement and student success, regardless of race/ethnicity, class, or parents’ level of education.” This is why we work hard to organize events, activities and communications that include every family. Furthermore, we realize how our own families and the wider community become stronger when parents and other significant adults use school activities as a jumping point to get closer to their students, to each other, to their neighbors.

We are very proud of our major outreach branch, The Pantry, not only because it helps put food on the table of many SL families but also because it has brought to light a problem many did not know existed in our area and has inspired many students and their adults to share with those who have less. The mere existence of The Pantry makes us want to be better people; more open, more appreciative of the simple blessings that our community affords us and more generous when sharing resources, time and kindness.

Thank you to all the families who have volunteered in so many capacities throughout the year. The recognition of the Virginia PTA is for you.


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